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Tervete Nature Park

The area of the Tērvete Nature Park occupies more than 1200 hectares, and most of its territory is covered with forests. The landscaped part of the park with the area of 400 hectares features cultivated landscapes and attractions. The Tērvete River crossed by numerous bridges and footbridges meanders through the park. An extensive network of paths and trails makes it easy for pedestrians, cyclists and families with baby carriages to access the sights. The Fairytale Forest, the Playground and the Dwarfs’ Forest enjoy the biggest popularity in the park. The sightseeing of this thematic area of the forest takes at least 3 hours. The unique pine forest with its stately trees, whose age is close to 300 years, calls forth genuine admiration from nature lovers. Paths for quiet walks permeate not only the part of the Old Pine Park, but also the entire forest. More than a hundred wooden sculptures and statues can be found in the park: little Annele with her friends, the Forest King, Sprīdītis (Tom Thumb), giant Lutausis and others. Most of the sculptures have been created after the fairytale plays by the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere.

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Contact information Address: Tērvete Nature Park, “Tērvetes sils”, Tērvete Parish, Tērvete Municipality, LV – 3730, Latvia Phone/fax: +371 63726212; mob. phone: +371 28309394e-mail: Find at Google Maps

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