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Meeting Giraffes at the Riga Zoo

After two decades of absence – previously giraffes lived at the Riga Zoo in 1972-79 – these gracious animals are back in town! Four adult males of Rothschild subspecies – eight-year old Pik and Periscope, four-year old Usmi and three-year old Kimi – now all live in a newly built, comfortable and spacious Giraffe House.

Meeting giraffes “in person” was quite an emotional experience. With legs of a man’s height, giraffes walk quickly, and as one of them approaches us at a moment’s notice and carefully bends down his head to examine us closer, it feels both odd and moving.
Curious yet shy, giraffes won’t let us touch them, so mild voice and friendly look leave us the only way to communicate. They may seem silent, but in fact giraffes mostly “speak” at an infrasound level, inaudible for human’s ear.

The Giraffe House is a pride of Riga Zoo. Interior of their abode consists of module barrages, which allows easier animal management. Large glass wall permits to watch giraffes at a relatively close distance, and at the same time prevents visitors from feeding them – this is a common problem many Zoo face across the world.

With four giraffes the House has reached its capacity, and now the staff carries out various studies to be able to replace some males with female species in the future, and launch out their own breeding programme.

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You can see what giraffes are doing at the moment on this webcam.

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