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Medieval Restaurant Rozengrāls

Located on the narrowest street of Old Riga, Rozengrals is a modern incarnation of what was once Vinarium Civitatis Rigensis – the wine-cellar and festival hall of Riga city council, mentioned in scripts as early as in 1293. Riga’s only authentic medieval restaurant offers visitors truly immersive experience of traveling back in times. Four metre high arcs of the main hall, fragment of the first fortification wall built in 1201 and the only preserved ancient well that dates back to the late 13th century, twisting labyrinth of narrow passages, staff dressed in medieval costumes, dim candle light, authentic live music in the evenings – these are the settings that will open to you as you walk down the winding stone staircase. Restaurant’s menu is a genuine gastronomic excursus to the remote Middle Ages, suggesting meals that were cooked in kitchens across Europe in the 6-16th centuries. Together with the restaurant staff and medieval music group Obscurus Orbis we have tried to reconstruct the atmosphere of a typical medieval feast…

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1 Rozena Street tel. 6722 47 48 12.00 – 24.00 Photo gallery