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Welcome on board Libava sailer, an authentic historic replica of a pleasure yacht of the 17th century. Build after prototypes of shallow-draught Dutch Herren yachts, three centuries ago such vessels made part of almost every royal fleet in Europe. Originally based in the seaport of Liepaja (hence the name Libava, an old German for Liepaja), every summer the sailer heads to Jurmala, a popular resort on the shore of Riga Bay. Here throughout the warm season captain Anatoly Molokanov and his crew arrange cruises for everyone who’s fond of sea romance and fresh breeze of the Baltic Sea.

LIBAVA also actively participates in maritime festivals, including the famous Baltic Sail that annually takes place in different harbours across the Baltic Sea. One of the most exciting highlights of many festivals are historical re-enactments when costumed actors recreate lifestyle or specific moments (battles probably being the most popular) from the past. Want an example? A quick glimpse into how a typical sail of a local aristocracy could have looked like a few centuries ago, LIBAVA together with historical re-enactors from the studio CEREMONIJA, resident “court” performers of Rundale Palace, have posed for a virtual immersion into the pompous epoch of Rococo.

LIBAVA can welcome up to forty people at a time, hosting private and corporate events, Riga Bay trips, educational activities and theatrical shows. Comfortable passengers’ lounge has wide TV panel, wooden rum barrel, kitchenette and all vital amenities you may expect to find onboard of a historic replica built in the 21st century. For special occasions ask your captain for a cannon-ball shot from an authentic canon replica, a mighty and loud experience indeed. You can also raise your own flag on a wedding day or request historical costumes for an unforgettable photo session!

Contact the ship:
zvaniet +371 26801196 vai +371 29288789

If you wish to experience the allure and exquisiteness of the Rococo epoch in person in the historic setting of Rundale Palace, the most sumptuous garden complex in the Baltics, contact studio CEREMONIJA:
send email at jelena@ceremonija.lv
call +371 29108396